Sunday Sonnet: Her

Her lips; they danced like fire, Through this mornings burning bliss. I couldn’t find my tongues attire, So I gave my love a kiss. Her eyes; they gazed like raging seas. Upon my weary face. Apocalyptic merchants flee, For fear of loves embrace. Her voice; it sounds of joy indeed, It sends my fear and hence. Though darkness may proceed, When I leave my picket fence. When … Continue reading Sunday Sonnet: Her

Sunday Sonnet: Yesteryear

Remember back in Yesteryear, When everything was dark- No skies were ever very clear; Too cold for any park. Remember this time last year, We were dreaming of right now. We had faith in all and all, my dear; We had our faith somehow. Remember back in Yesteryear, The good times that we had. All the times we stood above the fear; With you I … Continue reading Sunday Sonnet: Yesteryear

Mr E.

Excuse me sir- I haven’t called. But we’ve been certainly appalled. This Mr E. cannot me found; His hiding place is very sound. A Christie case will soon be seen, On all our television screens. Pardon me- I cannot see, Whatever that you mean. My most marvellous Mr E. hasn’t been so near the scene. What a mystery, This Mr E. Has conjured in his claps. His … Continue reading Mr E.

Letting go

My fingers curl to clasp and clutch. I feel the devils tempting touch. A fire burns to melt through ice, And rivers flow through all men twice. It comes and goes as all does end, But very little often mend. It tangles those that tease to try, And whisper more than one loud cry. My God, remember how we sang, When bells of opportunity rang. We … Continue reading Letting go

Try and Try again…

If at first you don’t succeed, Don’t waste away your grace and speed. Mark down this note; take out your pen- You try and try again. Whenever life has got you down, When lights can’t find your golden frown; Rejoice in all that makes you zen- You try and try again. A simple message for our kids. Do as we say not what we did. … Continue reading Try and Try again…