Behind Us

Wanting much more, but I can’t find the time.
Wanting to write, but I can’t find a rhyme.
We’re wondering over the world we can see.
Behind us we miss so much opportunity.

Chocolate cake, crystals, and flowers that bloom.
I broke my old Ipod; never had a Zune.
These pictures we paint are beginning to dry.
I try not to cry.
I don’t want to die.

Brown paper packages, loose without string;
Losing the will to keep my favourite things.


Numbers, numbers everywhere;
All up the wall and on the stairs.
I can’t see straight, all in my head.
There’s something growing under my bed.

I’ll make a list, a little plan.
This time I won’t spend my entire life span,
On planning the next six years of my life.
Ill never be happy; make Annie my wife.

It’s harder to find anything in the dark.
I’ll turn on the lights, roll a fag and then spark.
I’m struggling greatly to manage to breathe.
I’ll never be happy; I will never sleep.

Testing my throwing arm; power and range.
I’m in the mirror dimension, like Doctor Strange.
My heart is beating, oh so very hard.
I’ll never leave home again; don’t step out the yard.

Why do I worry? It’s always the same.
Forever catching myself making life a game.

Happy Birthday Ben

Stumbling over sleeping bodies whilst losing your vision.
Vomit around the bowl of the toilet.
A ringing in your ear echoes the base of the club speakers.
Your memory is dull.
You look forward to smiling about the night before,
But you can’t hack it yet.

You friends all love you and you’ve had a nice time.
You don’t need to say a word at all to worlds you’re yet to climb.
Everything is bliss and we are falling into place.
We’re falling through the stratosphere; through all of time and space.
But we fly about the world as we go drifting through the sky.
We never fall down from the stars; we’re always very high.
You look on forward to the world; the sky will surely gleam.
Look on forward to your life, now you are nineteen.

Happy birthday Benny. Don’t ever change.

Wake Up

Wake up.
Get moving.
You better get going or you’re going to start losing.
Jewellery sparkles but minds can grow bigger than any diamond.

Wake up sleepy head.
Get yourself up and out of this horrible place.
The woman next to me is coughing so loud that I can hardly breathe.
When can I go home?

I’m awake.
I need to get out of here.
The smell is revolting and that beeping hurts my ears.
Everyone seems to be sleeping around me – don’t they know that time is passing?

Wake up.
Take your meds.


We walked by the beach;
Not for long with little speech.
I thought that maybe we could find ourselves a lovely peach.

We stood by the shore;
We wanted so much more.
I thought that we’d be rich someday but still we’re very poor.

We never took the fall;
Should we answer the call?
I never knew this life would ever be so very cruel.

Meet me at the other side; I’ll wait for you.

Sunday Sonnet: Pace & Speed

Why does my heart feel so alone?
Why can’t I find a trace?
I feel my blood fall through my bones,
And leave this lonely place.

Moving forward without fear,
We move with pace and speed.
My eyes are open! It is so clear;
We follow as we lead.

Will our paths cross another day,
Or are we left to set?
Whether we know before we’re grey,
Or in youth, we’ll still regret.

My mind cannot be won over.
Never leave me; my four-leaf-clover