The dragon of the lake

Beneath the roaring rivers deep, There lives a shining son; There he rests and comes to sleep, From battles lost and won. A fire brews below the sea, One ancient, like the dark. His flame will burn through any shield, In just a single spark. Fall on your sword or run for life; You’ll find no mercy here. A dragon does not care for strife, … Continue reading The dragon of the lake

Something More

The night birds gather like clouds to a storm, Their many faces still teaming with life. Abstract neighbourhoods gather in anticipation; We await the arrival of a king. His speed bewilders us kindly; His grace is something else; Something more. He fills us with a childlike ambition, To take off and fly beyond the stars, Without any help from modern aircraft. That feeling of standing on … Continue reading Something More

Sunday Sonnet: The picture in my mind

Whisper me your songs of love, And lose yourself in me. Let loose your flying turtle dove; Rejoice in what we’ll be. To honour your is all I ask; To keep you warm and safe. I alone will man this task, For the memory we create. For all of time, I shall remain, Deeply in your heart. You remove my every pain; You make my beating start. I’ll hold … Continue reading Sunday Sonnet: The picture in my mind

Sunday Sonnet: Goodbye

Goodbye to all the worms that roll, Their way through all the dirt. Goodbye to sleeping with no goal, And bleeding out the hurt. Goodbye to all the dreams I had, That left me in the dark. Goodbye to all my friends; I’m glad, We had the chance to spark. Goodbye to all the hard times; Rejoice in all the rest. Goodbye to all the desperate … Continue reading Sunday Sonnet: Goodbye


Pigs breed pigs; Trust me friend I have seen, All the shit that they shovel, To pretend that they’re clean. The sheep follow the horses as they stride across the land; But the pigs lay in the water and they hatch a cunning plan. Pigs breed pigs; It’s so simple, can’t you see? All the mighty words of god they use, To justify misdeeds. The … Continue reading Pigs