Animal pt.2 (Untouchable)

I’m falling; faster than the very speed of light.
I was gone but I’m back now I’ve finally seen the light.
I didn’t know every day of this life would be a fight.
But I’m ready; believe.

I watch people fly by like they’re falling from the stars.
I see them staring out their window as they’re driving in their cars.
They don’t know that what they’re looking for is really only ours.
But we own this; forever.

Remember when we used to sing and dance on all the while;
When we were too cool to care whether we broke the kitchen tiles.
We were so young; so foolish. We were heading for a file.
But we made it; Untouchable.

Watch the world go flying by;
Join in with all the rest.
Give everything a little try,
And do your very best.
Don’t leave a single stone unturned;
You might just miss the truth.
You’ll never find the animal,
That’s hidden in your youth.


Numbers, numbers everywhere;
All up the wall and on the stairs.
I can’t see straight, all in my head.
There’s something growing under my bed.

I’ll make a list, a little plan.
This time I won’t spend my entire life span,
On planning the next six years of my life.
Ill never be happy; make Annie my wife.

It’s harder to find anything in the dark.
I’ll turn on the lights, roll a fag and then spark.
I’m struggling greatly to manage to breathe.
I’ll never be happy; I will never sleep.

Testing my throwing arm; power and range.
I’m in the mirror dimension, like Doctor Strange.
My heart is beating, oh so very hard.
I’ll never leave home again; don’t step out the yard.

Why do I worry? It’s always the same.
Forever catching myself making life a game.

Wake Up

Wake up.
Get moving.
You better get going or you’re going to start losing.
Jewellery sparkles but minds can grow bigger than any diamond.

Wake up sleepy head.
Get yourself up and out of this horrible place.
The woman next to me is coughing so loud that I can hardly breathe.
When can I go home?

I’m awake.
I need to get out of here.
The smell is revolting and that beeping hurts my ears.
Everyone seems to be sleeping around me – don’t they know that time is passing?

Wake up.
Take your meds.


We walked by the beach;
Not for long with little speech.
I thought that maybe we could find ourselves a lovely peach.

We stood by the shore;
We wanted so much more.
I thought that we’d be rich someday but still we’re very poor.

We never took the fall;
Should we answer the call?
I never knew this life would ever be so very cruel.

Meet me at the other side; I’ll wait for you.

Don’t worry anymore

Everything I am;
Everything we are,
We lost everything we ever had,
When we crashed our only car.
We were stranded in the ocean,
But the lord pulled us ashore,
Then said: “don’t worry about the future,
Don’t worry anymore.”

That became the day I died,
But I found myself reborn.
Never found the use in lies;
Never found the need to yawn.
Watching closely I could see her,
Standing closer than I thought.
Maybe we’ll get to Costa Rica,
And we’ll go swimming by the port.

Every moment we share takes my breath away,
All you have to do is ask; I will always stay.

Sister Sister

Sister, Sister;
Have I told you lately,
What you mean to me?
Whether flying over mountain tops;
Or sailing over sea.
Look on to every future.
Look on to what could be.

Sister, Sister;
Remember when we saw
Mister Monk on the bus to school.
You laughed and hid your face behind
The seat; but he saw through.
You felt awkward now and then,
But you questioned all the rules.

Sister, Sister;
Do you recall, that day,
We had a water fight?
You cut my eye, two minutes in,
And I cried through all the night.
I think that you upset my brain,
Or at least damaged my eye sight.

Sister, Sister;
What happened to the fire,
that burned inside your heart?
Where is the burning passion for action?
Where is the very want to start?
I see you moving all the while,
But I feel you put on hold.

Rewind back to the good old days;
Fast forward past all the darkness.
Pause it when it gets too much,
But always press play again.

Sister, Sister;
Have I told you lately,
What you mean to me?
We never made it over mountain tops;
Or over any sea.
Look on to your future now;
Determine what it shall be.
Everything starts with you,
And you’ll always have me.


Four white walls, half way up the tallest tower;
We’ll eat pasta from the pot and brave through many cold showers.
This life that we have chosen is not easy; not a lot.
Our friends and family all seem to think we’ve lost the plot.
Are we crazy?
Are we brave?
Are we on our way to an early grave?
I don’t care how or when I die,
Just as long as I know, we gave it a try.
I’d rather brave the winter nights, sleeping in the streets,
Than lose another minuet of you time; put this on repeat.

When will my good fortune end?
When can I say I’m no longer on the mend?
Life comes and goes as we come round the bend;
We ship ourselves across a world we cannot comprehend.

Who is the wisdom maker? Who turns around the clock?
Who has become the reason that my heart will never stop?
This world poisons good men and makes them rise just to flop.
I climbed my way into the city so I could climb up to the top.

Every waking hour, we find more of us to lose.
The choices that we make are not ours to choose.
Sit in the dark, eat tortilla chips and listen to the blues,
With the silent blur behind me of the 11 o’clock news.

These trees that grow around us, are more than I can keep.
I will find my way beyond this but I won’t make my way to sleep.