Sunday Sonnet: Lessons

I sense a little jealousy; There are lessons to be learned. Take note of all the mystery. Now all the tables turned. Make method more than madness here, And you will surely see, That life is not so very queer, After lessons with me. I teach you all you need for life; I’ll show you all the ropes. I’ll even mend your very strife, So you … Continue reading Sunday Sonnet: Lessons


Tweet, Speak; Don’t let them know you’re weak. Have a little on the side to help live life on repeat. Make time to decide, Where your desires do reside. Take some time to watch the rolling tide. Sunrise, Sunset; I know you’re feeling some regret. Just remember how we made it here and how our futures met. Open up your weary eyes. Tell the truth … Continue reading Misguided

Sunday Sonnet: Family

A family will stand with pride; They’ve made their final march. Fought and won and lost and cried, And broke their backs to arch. The Father lived a painful life; It’s plain here to be seen. A battle won against his wife, Rewarded peril in his dreams. The Daughter and the Son remain; Their lives have intertwined. She made herself a lot of pain, And so … Continue reading Sunday Sonnet: Family

A Cat is King

Hear me roar. Feel my claw. The ground beneath me shakes with fear. Watch me roam, Far from home. I’ll find my way away from here. This grass is wet. Inside I bet, My bed is cosy by the fire. A cat is king, So kiss my ring, And compliment my black attire.   Photo Credit: Isabel Raffaelli Instagram: Continue reading A Cat is King

Fine Dining

How far you see, When standing tall. I stand so high, But fear the fall. Our life is grey. The sky is clear. We’re at an end, Unto our year. So meet and greet, And dance all night. Our feeble feeling, Feels so right. My stomach rumbles; Check my timing. I’m in the mood, For some fine dining. Art Credit: Annie Geddes Instagram: Continue reading Fine Dining