Her roots

Walls broken and bricks out of place. The sound of calling from a far away land. Ship steam fogging my vision, Like the smoke before a volcanic storm. It comes as lightning. It infects my eyes. I am blinded by the grace of another being, Whose heartbeat becomes the very meaning of my existence. Her mind my meaning. Our souls conjoined. An ever-growing numbness clears my … Continue reading Her roots

Two kings

Coca-Cola kids breaking bottles in the hall. Crossing their eyes and hoping to fall. They crossed the river in the summertime; Promised they would never lie. Red, white and blue flags, They summon us in heat. The biggest rally we partake in Is sending out a tweet. Where is the fire gone? I’ve been far too weak this week. I’ve lost all sense of loneliness; … Continue reading Two kings

Animal pt.2 (Untouchable)

I’m falling; faster than the very speed of light. I was gone but I’m back now I’ve finally seen the light. I didn’t know every day of this life would be a fight. But I’m ready; believe. I watch people fly by like they’re falling from the stars. I see them staring out their window as they’re driving in their cars. They don’t know that what they’re … Continue reading Animal pt.2 (Untouchable)

Don’t worry anymore

Everything I am; Everything we are, We lost everything we ever had, When we crashed our only car. We were stranded in the ocean, But the lord pulled us ashore, Then said: “don’t worry about the future, Don’t worry anymore.” That became the day I died, But I found myself reborn. Never found the use in lies; Never found the need to yawn. Watching closely I … Continue reading Don’t worry anymore