Sunday Sonnet: Number One

Where we go and where we are,
Is only down to us.
We lift our fire to the stars;
We hold on to our trust.

You weave yourself around my soul;
My all and every word.
You rewrite every single goal;
You’re everything I’ve heard.

I try so hard to keep you blind;
The treasure of my life.
I need to keep it from your eyes;
Until we face our strife.

The key to my heart; you climbed the charts.
My number one right from the start.

Sunday Sonnet: Pace & Speed

Why does my heart feel so alone?
Why can’t I find a trace?
I feel my blood fall through my bones,
And leave this lonely place.

Moving forward without fear,
We move with pace and speed.
My eyes are open! It is so clear;
We follow as we lead.

Will our paths cross another day,
Or are we left to set?
Whether we know before we’re grey,
Or in youth, we’ll still regret.

My mind cannot be won over.
Never leave me; my four-leaf-clover

Sunday Sonnet: Black & White

Never knowing where we are,
And never going home.
I never felt so safe so far,
Away from all alone.

Black and white and back again;
This summer has been sweet.
Made some memories and many friends,
And there nothing we can’t beat.

You guide me on through thick and thin;
My lighthouse shining strong.
I never heard of anything,
That lasted for this long.

Everyday I see your face;
You remove my frown; my warm embrace.

Sunday Sonnet: My reason to breathe

A new horizon starts to gleam;
I no longer feel alone.
We spend our days along the stream;
The night in our new home.

Every night I lay beside,
The only one I need.
My everything; my loving guide;
The reason that I breathe.

Every day I watch you still,
Anticipation on my lips.
We move with very little skill,
As we sway our lonely hips.

The night is young; the day is warm.
Our life has just begun to dawn.

Sunday Sonnet: My Home

I’m watching the world from my window;
I’m wearing my heart on my sleeve.
I’m waiting for someone to call go,
But I can’t seem to subtly leave.

We’re ready, we’re packed and we’re moving.
They cannot stop the train on the track.
Reports have come back disapproving,
But we can’t seem to find our way back.

This life has a love for adventure.
Though our funding is little and slim.
Our dreams; they soar like an albatross ventures,
Beyond all our worries of grim.

I cannot wait to call you my home.
No matter near or far; wherever we may roam.

Sunday Sonnet: Whirlpool

Scared to be lonely; so never alone,
But slowly we’re drifting apart.
Feeling like nowhere is what I’d call home,
Still searching to find my own heart.

Reading Chaucer; The Canterbury Tales,
But I can’t seem to follow the plot.
Feeling my life become a long list of fails,
But I don’t feel like feeling a lot.

Finding relations to Satan himself,
Deep within ourselves;
It brings us down from atop our shelf.
The weight of depression; how deeply it delves.

When you’re gone, my brain don’t work.
I never smile; I simply smirk.

Sunday Sonnet: Is She Feeling Okay

Everywhere looking for something to eat;
Never quiet finding a lot.
Feeling my stomach fall down in defeat.
Feeling my legs want to stop.

Sleeping through nights without you there to hold;
Losing half my weight in sweat.
Listening out for a lyric that’s bold,
To clear my mind of regret.

Where is she now? Is she feeling okay?
I wonder this always; a lot.
I wonder what she has done with her day.
I’ll call and ask her “what’s what?”

I miss you every time you’re away.
My mind will not wake ’till I see you next day.