Sunday Sonnet: The picture in my mind

Whisper me your songs of love, And lose yourself in me. Let loose your flying turtle dove; Rejoice in what we’ll be. To honour your is all I ask; To keep you warm and safe. I alone will man this task, For the memory we create. For all of time, I shall remain, Deeply in your heart. You remove my every pain; You make my beating start. I’ll hold … Continue reading Sunday Sonnet: The picture in my mind

Sunday Sonnet: Goodbye

Goodbye to all the worms that roll, Their way through all the dirt. Goodbye to sleeping with no goal, And bleeding out the hurt. Goodbye to all the dreams I had, That left me in the dark. Goodbye to all my friends; I’m glad, We had the chance to spark. Goodbye to all the hard times; Rejoice in all the rest. Goodbye to all the desperate … Continue reading Sunday Sonnet: Goodbye

Sunday Sonnet: Wishful Thinking

We’re living life, it seems to me, A little something short. It’s wishful thinking spouting dreams, That brought us to the port. I’ve seen so many sailors here; There’s none I can forget. The sky is blue and spreading clear, A message of regret. Every night I dream in hue. We weep while winters last. This topic is not one to chew; We’ve followed natures past. … Continue reading Sunday Sonnet: Wishful Thinking

Sunday Sonnet: The Chimes of Industry

Catching the wind as we’re chasing the stars; Formidable heart-melting souls. We’re finding the way to find out who we are, As we’re watching the world spin and fold. The chimes of this industry, heard far and wide; A puppet does mark every sound. The money rolls on like the turn of the tide, As we look back on the things that we’ve found. A lost silver … Continue reading Sunday Sonnet: The Chimes of Industry

Sunday Sonnet: Black & White

Never knowing where we are, And never going home. I never felt so safe so far, Away from all alone. Black and white and back again; This summer has been sweet. Made some memories and many friends, And there nothing we can’t beat. You guide me on through thick and thin; My lighthouse shining strong. I never heard of anything, That lasted for this long. Everyday I … Continue reading Sunday Sonnet: Black & White