Sunday Sonnet: The Cure

Something seems to find its way, Beneath my very skin. I try so hard to fight away, The monsters pouring in. I sometimes lose myself in all, That ever comes to me. I often can’t ever recall, Who I’m supposed to be. Believe me, child, you’re far from home; I know this much for sure. Believe me when I break my bones, That love is … Continue reading Sunday Sonnet: The Cure

Sunday Sonnet: Care

Entering new worlds; We find ourselves lost. Our minds do uncurl, As we contemplate the cost. I feel like I am nowhere, And I feel neither are you. We find the more we care, To share, the more we seem to do. Falling through the days before; My memory is short. I’m struggling to feel so sure, When writing my report. I love you when we’re … Continue reading Sunday Sonnet: Care

Sunday Sonnet: Her

Her lips; they danced like fire, Through this mornings burning bliss. I couldn’t find my tongues attire, So I gave my love a kiss. Her eyes; they gazed like raging seas. Upon my weary face. Apocalyptic merchants flee, For fear of loves embrace. Her voice; it sounds of joy indeed, It sends my fear and hence. Though darkness may proceed, When I leave my picket fence. When … Continue reading Sunday Sonnet: Her

Sunday Sonnet: Yesteryear

Remember back in Yesteryear, When everything was dark- No skies were ever very clear; Too cold for any park. Remember this time last year, We were dreaming of right now. We had faith in all and all, my dear; We had our faith somehow. Remember back in Yesteryear, The good times that we had. All the times we stood above the fear; With you I … Continue reading Sunday Sonnet: Yesteryear

Sunday Sonnet: Lessons

I sense a little jealousy; There are lessons to be learned. Take note of all the mystery. Now all the tables turned. Make method more than madness here, And you will surely see, That life is not so very queer, After lessons with me. I teach you all you need for life; I’ll show you all the ropes. I’ll even mend your very strife, So you … Continue reading Sunday Sonnet: Lessons

Sunday Sonnet: Family

A family will stand with pride; They’ve made their final march. Fought and won and lost and cried, And broke their backs to arch. The Father lived a painful life; It’s plain here to be seen. A battle won against his wife, Rewarded peril in his dreams. The Daughter and the Son remain; Their lives have intertwined. She made herself a lot of pain, And so … Continue reading Sunday Sonnet: Family