The Tide

The tide is turned.
The night is young.
We’re all so lost,
But having fun.
The light is gone.
I’m next to you.
Let’s count our sheep;
Colour them blue.

The gold may rust,
But we don’t change.
This life we lead,
Is very strange.
Take your aim,
Along the range.
We’ll find ourselves,
Or find our pain.

Dark times are easy with you by my side.
But when the tide comes in, we’ll surely ride.

Sunday Sonnet: Number One

Where we go and where we are,
Is only down to us.
We lift our fire to the stars;
We hold on to our trust.

You weave yourself around my soul;
My all and every word.
You rewrite every single goal;
You’re everything I’ve heard.

I try so hard to keep you blind;
The treasure of my life.
I need to keep it from your eyes;
Until we face our strife.

The key to my heart; you climbed the charts.
My number one right from the start.

A year ago today

A year ago today

A year ago today, I was a baby to the world.
Getting more or less my freedom back to watch the earth begin to curl.

A year ago today, I was a new fish in the sea.
I had no hope or love in anything; wanted only to be free.

A year ago today, all I wanted was to smoke.
As the days went by I watched the Earth and laughed at every joke.

A year ago today, I realised that I was none.
I wanted more than just to fuck my head with any giving gun.

A year ago today, I tried my hardest not to leave.
But I couldn’t find my way alone on a path I could achieve.

A year ago today, I was a very different kid.
Today I am a man in all and after all we did,
We never reached the highest heights; we are still yet to soar.
But without you standing by my side this life is such a boar.

A year ago today I was discharged from a psychiatric hospital, a life changing experience that helped me understand who I am and what I want from life. It also destroyed me, and effectively restarted my journey as a human being, frim eighteen years old.

I’m feel better now.
I no longer need your prayers.

Thank you & God bless you all.

Happy Birthday Ben

Stumbling over sleeping bodies whilst losing your vision.
Vomit around the bowl of the toilet.
A ringing in your ear echoes the base of the club speakers.
Your memory is dull.
You look forward to smiling about the night before,
But you can’t hack it yet.

You friends all love you and you’ve had a nice time.
You don’t need to say a word at all to worlds you’re yet to climb.
Everything is bliss and we are falling into place.
We’re falling through the stratosphere; through all of time and space.
But we fly about the world as we go drifting through the sky.
We never fall down from the stars; we’re always very high.
You look on forward to the world; the sky will surely gleam.
Look on forward to your life, now you are nineteen.

Happy birthday Benny. Don’t ever change.


We walked by the beach;
Not for long with little speech.
I thought that maybe we could find ourselves a lovely peach.

We stood by the shore;
We wanted so much more.
I thought that we’d be rich someday but still we’re very poor.

We never took the fall;
Should we answer the call?
I never knew this life would ever be so very cruel.

Meet me at the other side; I’ll wait for you.

Sunday Sonnet: Pace & Speed

Why does my heart feel so alone?
Why can’t I find a trace?
I feel my blood fall through my bones,
And leave this lonely place.

Moving forward without fear,
We move with pace and speed.
My eyes are open! It is so clear;
We follow as we lead.

Will our paths cross another day,
Or are we left to set?
Whether we know before we’re grey,
Or in youth, we’ll still regret.

My mind cannot be won over.
Never leave me; my four-leaf-clover