Animal pt.2 (Untouchable)

I’m falling; faster than the very speed of light.
I was gone but I’m back now I’ve finally seen the light.
I didn’t know every day of this life would be a fight.
But I’m ready; believe.

I watch people fly by like they’re falling from the stars.
I see them staring out their window as they’re driving in their cars.
They don’t know that what they’re looking for is really only ours.
But we own this; forever.

Remember when we used to sing and dance on all the while;
When we were too cool to care whether we broke the kitchen tiles.
We were so young; so foolish. We were heading for a file.
But we made it; Untouchable.

Watch the world go flying by;
Join in with all the rest.
Give everything a little try,
And do your very best.
Don’t leave a single stone unturned;
You might just miss the truth.
You’ll never find the animal,
That’s hidden in your youth.

Sunday Sonnet: Number One

Where we go and where we are,
Is only down to us.
We lift our fire to the stars;
We hold on to our trust.

You weave yourself around my soul;
My all and every word.
You rewrite every single goal;
You’re everything I’ve heard.

I try so hard to keep you blind;
The treasure of my life.
I need to keep it from your eyes;
Until we face our strife.

The key to my heart; you climbed the charts.
My number one right from the start.


All that I am is falling apart.
The trees that we plant; they fell from the start.
The city burns so bright,
In the middle of the night.
I am standing nowhere;

I’m a big teddy bear, and a fond money maker.
If you bear that in mind you can call me Ted Baker,
All the shirts that I have worn, are tearing at the seams;
Every night I lay down and I swallow empty dreams.
I am falling;

Blue coloured beetles pass blatantly by.
This huffing and puffing is making me cry.
Why does everything that kills me only make me feel alive?
I try; I will survive
I am losing;
Help me.

A peach covered panda;
A coconuts kiss.
My name is not trusted.
Ignorance is bliss.

Oncoming Storm

I’m losing my vision; eternally blind.
I’ve lost my old ways to get out of a bind.
We’re learning so much, but we never saw past,
A way we could live, that would surely last.

Over the mountains, if you listen close,
You’ll hear a dim whisper; beneath ice and snow.
Never to be located; hibernating it seems.
I never remember how to find my own dreams.

I can’t lay awake; I can’t seem to sleep.
When all hope is lost, don’t lay down and weep.
I promise you I will be back before dawn,
And with me I’ll bring my own oncoming storm.

And the end of the rainbow, where happiness lay,
All of our troubles seem so far away.

Behind Us

Wanting much more, but I can’t find the time.
Wanting to write, but I can’t find a rhyme.
We’re wondering over the world we can see.
Behind us we miss so much opportunity.

Chocolate cake, crystals, and flowers that bloom.
I broke my old Ipod; never had a Zune.
These pictures we paint are beginning to dry.
I try not to cry.
I don’t want to die.

Brown paper packages, loose without string;
Losing the will to keep my favourite things.


Numbers, numbers everywhere;
All up the wall and on the stairs.
I can’t see straight, all in my head.
There’s something growing under my bed.

I’ll make a list, a little plan.
This time I won’t spend my entire life span,
On planning the next six years of my life.
Ill never be happy; make Annie my wife.

It’s harder to find anything in the dark.
I’ll turn on the lights, roll a fag and then spark.
I’m struggling greatly to manage to breathe.
I’ll never be happy; I will never sleep.

Testing my throwing arm; power and range.
I’m in the mirror dimension, like Doctor Strange.
My heart is beating, oh so very hard.
I’ll never leave home again; don’t step out the yard.

Why do I worry? It’s always the same.
Forever catching myself making life a game.

Wake Up

Wake up.
Get moving.
You better get going or you’re going to start losing.
Jewellery sparkles but minds can grow bigger than any diamond.

Wake up sleepy head.
Get yourself up and out of this horrible place.
The woman next to me is coughing so loud that I can hardly breathe.
When can I go home?

I’m awake.
I need to get out of here.
The smell is revolting and that beeping hurts my ears.
Everyone seems to be sleeping around me – don’t they know that time is passing?

Wake up.
Take your meds.