Sunday Sonnet: The Cure

Something seems to find its way, Beneath my very skin. I try so hard to fight away, The monsters pouring in. I sometimes lose myself in all, That ever comes to me. I often can’t ever recall, Who I’m supposed to be. Believe me, child, you’re far from home; I know this much for sure. Believe me when I break my bones, That love is … Continue reading Sunday Sonnet: The Cure


Home is just a heel away; This thought it keeps me strong. But no one ever told me, That the good witch was all wrong. I’ve been beyond the blisters, Bleeding backwards through my head, And I’m empty headed thinking, All about my yearning bed. If lying here, could mean that we, Could float in possibility, Then would you lye beside me; Disappearing in the … Continue reading Breeze

Sunday Sonnet: Care

Entering new worlds; We find ourselves lost. Our minds do uncurl, As we contemplate the cost. I feel like I am nowhere, And I feel neither are you. We find the more we care, To share, the more we seem to do. Falling through the days before; My memory is short. I’m struggling to feel so sure, When writing my report. I love you when we’re … Continue reading Sunday Sonnet: Care

Animals pt.3 (Flammable)

We were animals then, Living in a cannibals den. We fed anything flammable, To compatible trends. We ate shit for shine. In this worlds great mind, We all belong to innocence, And return in time. We break bottles and bones; We break bread with the enemy. Now I always need my love around, So someone’s there to steady me. We had our glory days; Went … Continue reading Animals pt.3 (Flammable)