Passion Dam

A passion brings what once was lost;
Our passion proves our point.
Alas I cannot find it since,
This pain has flood my joints.
I can feel there’s something moving,
Digging deep beneath my skin.
It surely must be passion brewing,
From inside; within.

I feel so empty; I’m not well.
I’m feeling very sick.
I feel just like a failure;
I feel like such a prick.
I once again let passion slip,
From fingertips that bled,
Over portrait, poem, canvas;
My creativity has shed.

A dam has somehow built itself.
It walls off all my flow.
It keeps a hold on everything,
That I thought you should know.
And yet I keep on pouring out,
These secrets I should keep.
I’ll just think about it later,
While I should have been asleep.


  1. The image shows a link. The words resonate with all of us who have a modicum of empathy for the creative state described. This is how the piece works. It is a link, not physical like the picture. This is a more informal, a more direct connection. Our nesting minds synchronised by the simple act of reading. Thanks Andy. Chris T.

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      • Yes I agree that using our own photographs is better. I am starting to think more about what blogs can be. I have been attempting to use some of my pictures, only s few, and I am reviewing my pages too. Andy I think it’s all about sharing experiences and that can include visual arts too. I’m a bit old for this game, but I am looking to improve. It’s about describing and that is hard. Keep safes. Talk soon. Chris T.

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