Half-Full | Sunday Sonnet

Another distance in between;
Another gruelling start.
I make my way through all i’ve seen,
To make room in my heart.

Getting passed my heavy past,
Has left me black and blue.
Yet still I fight on, ’till the last;
I fight on just for you.

These days, we never hold it back;
I’m sick of being sweet.
While all the world builds up a stack,
I dash through my defeat.

You’ve only lost if you give up.
Don’t hang your head; half fill your cup.


      • It’s so much that’s happened to me … I think I’m on vacation … I’m lazy in my writing habits I gave up and started writing essays …. I break myself in subtle ways … hey thanks for reading my journal …. it’s hard to get this started knowing I have abandoned every wordpress journal i started in the past … i’m planning on sticking to this one … hey thanks … i’m not planning it out … i’m writing and there’s a lot in my life that’s loneliness right now … i have a meeting coming up where i might meet some new people … they say it’s hard having a job it’s hard not having one

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