I don’t know what I’m doing here;
I haven’t got a clue.
This place is unfamiliar,
To both of me and you.
And yet, we sit, beside ourselves,
With all that we have seen;
The panic and commotion,
Seems like gushing former streams.

Why must these people fight it so?
They work so very hard,
And yet, when comes the time to go,
The yearn for avant-garde.
And still the wheels go rolling on,
To newness, hope and bliss;
Yet still I feel that progress dies,
Upon the place we kiss.


Photo Credit:
Check out her page for more terrific photography and some really splendid works of art!


  1. This had a nice flow and a swanky, roaring 20’s feel to it: y’know, yellow lights, brass and red and double-breasted suits and night gowns with tassels on ’em. That sort of feel. Evening rush kinda feel. Drinks after work kinda feel. Did I say evocative?

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