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Hello there, lovely humans!

Some of the more observant readers here at Written Word, will have noticed a pre-typed footer at the end of most of my more recent posts, detailing my social media links and ways to help support me in keeping my site alive…

Well now, I need your help more than ever.

I don’t have to tell any of you of the financial difficulties we all face in the modern world. Also, as many of you probably know by now, I have a pretty heavy Mental Health diagnosis (BPD, PTSD etc.), which has challenged me greatly over the last few years. The final thing you all should know about me, is my ambition: I want so very deeply to be a published writer someday.

However, due to my on-going difficulties with Mental Health, I have had to abandon my work life, my education and my social life at times, all in the name of health (because NOTHING is more important than your health). This means I cannot work; I cannot earn.

WordPress has brought me many great things over the last year or so, least of all you bunch of lovely people, sharing my posts with your friends and family, and your thoughts on my work: from delightful appraise to constructive criticism – I appreciate you all. But unfortunately, I cannot keep myself and my partner fed, on warm feelings alone.

Though I hate to even entertain asking (thanks to my Scottish family pride), I need help. To those of you who have been reading my posts since February last year, to those of you who have only just hit that follow button, I ask this:

If you have the luxury/room to afford it and are willing to donate a small amount, to help me keep a roof over our heads and therefore continue working on Written Word, I set up a Ko-Fi page a while ago; to those unfamiliar with the site, it is a donation site (sort of like kick-starter) that allows fans of online bloggers/writers to buy them a ‘coffee’ for their efforts – which essentially means £3. It’s not a lot, but it really adds up, and every so often some generous individual might feel inclined to buy multiple at once.

If you can spare the expense, and you like what you see here on my site, you can give a small donation here:
Any and every bit of help would be greatly appreciated!

However, for those of you less inclined to donate, who still want to help me out, I have only one question for you…

Do you have a pet?

My girlfriend Annie, a seriously talented artist, draws personalised pencil drawings of your furry friends at a very reasonable price. She fresh out of University and doing all she can to get her business off the ground, whilst working as my full-time carer, and suffering from some mental health issues of her own.
For those of you who might wish to buy one from her, you can contact her through Twitter:
Or Etsy:
And have her commissioned to draw your best bud! She has had dozens of delighted customers already, using her work as gifts, or memorials, or even just something cute to look at. I understand that not everyone can afford to buy such things on a whim, but Christmas is fast approaching, and global shipping is available.

Though, if you still have the will to help, but not the capital, then a re-tweet on any of Annie’s work on Twitter would be a great help, or a share of this article even. Every tap of that button gets us closer to comfort, so thank you in advance.

I suppose that is all I have to say for now! Thank you so much just for reading, and I hope you enjoy the work that I have to come in the future, for as long as I can keep it coming.

Andy @ Written Word




  1. Are you not in receipt of pips housing benefits or esa? Or your wife carers allowance? You should be entitled to some if not all of these? I have PTSD after a few traumatic events including my best friend being kidnapped and executed by a terrorist cell in Baghdad.


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