If I were God

I’d have angels sat beside me,
And raise cities from the ground.
I’d make peace of all the fighting,
And I bring life to all around.
I may stop the world from turning,
Just to put it on a pause,
So you all can take a moment,
From the suffering I’ve caused.

If I could re-write all the History,
I’d erase my very name;
I’d hope that no one ever found me,
In this god-forsaken game.
But to tell you all the truth,
I’d rather be a mortal soul;
To journey on, to wither,
And to watch myself grow old.

I often feel as though,
I should have died still, at sixteen.
I see a world without me form,
When I am drowning in my dreams.
And I remember out of darkness,
Sometimes lights shine brighter still.
So when I wake up now in sweats,
I tell myself to fucking chill.

Because no matter what I do,
In centuries, no one will know.
I’m not a God, so I get to love;
And cry and die and grow.



  1. A good piece with serious subject delt with in a thought provoking style. Whether a our subscribe to every point is neither here or there. It provided a point of view worthy of several reads. Thanks for the piece. Chris T

    Liked by 1 person

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