Animals pt.2 (Untouchable)

I’m falling; faster than the very speed of light.
I was gone but I’m back now I’ve finally seen the light.
I didn’t know every day of this life would be a fight.
But I’m ready; believe.

I watch people fly by like they’re falling from the stars.
I see them staring out their window as they’re driving in their cars.
They don’t know that what they’re looking for is really only ours.
But we own this; forever.

Remember when we used to sing and dance on all the while;
When we were too cool to care whether we broke the kitchen tiles.
We were so young; so foolish. We were heading for a file.
But we made it; Untouchable.

Watch the world go flying by;
Join in with all the rest.
Give everything a little try,
And do your very best.
Don’t leave a single stone unturned;
You might just miss the truth.
You’ll never find the animal,
That’s hidden in your youth.


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