Sweet Release

Passing at the speed of light,
We cast our sword into the night.
We come back round again, once more;
To find what we were looking for.

High and low, we search for gold.
All through the night and through the cold.
We never found our place to be,
Although we found good company.

Never let your light fade out;
You’re useless with it gone.
Save your strength; don’t start to pout,
And keep your light bulb on.

Remember that we made it here.
We’ve come so far; we’re oh so near.
Don’t pass the torch until you’re done;
Just wait until the day is won.

Holding on for one more day.
Wishing this would fade away.
Waiting for my dying breath;
The sweet release of death.

I don’t know why I feel this way.
I work so hard; I smile; I pray.


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