Just an old friend

The eagle flies but watches low.
It has no other place to go.
It lives above, the sky is home;
A lonely life to live.

We have no chance to meet again.
You now are just an old friend.
We’ll never know; never again,
And that’s all we have to hold onto.

Lands we crossed and sands of time;
Songs so sweet, that softly rhyme;
Passing over rocks we’d climb.
But now you’re just a memory.

We used to stay up very late.
My childhood friend; my old best mate.
But now you just fill me with hate.
You turned yourself dark.

Sometimes I think maybe I’m wrong.
When I hear one of our songs.
Some Early Nirvana or Sum 41.
Those memories are nearly gone.

I hope you know you were my brother.
Until the day you fucked this up.
Say hi to Niall, and your mother.
And the ex I used to love.

Tell them all, I’m just fine – I happier with you gone.



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