The battered walls, the pouring blood,
The desperate calls and the coming floods.
The new opinions and the rusty sale;
These people seem as hard as nails.

Places to be; people to see.
I’ve never held so much money.
The lighter calls me to the flame.
You’ll never get it back again.

You’ll never make it; you’re a joke.
You cannot seem to give up smoke.
Your pace improves but you are weak.
Your energy is at it’s peak.

You have no stamina left to burn.
So I will take another turn.
Here comes depression; on repeat.
Seems like I’m doing nout this week.

Have you ever seen the winds of change?
Have you ever felt alive?
Stop thinking big; don’t think at all.
The bears they roar; the locusts come.

Everywhere I see another verse;
Deep inside your lonely hearse.
Here come the mourners, here comes the storm.
Now is the time to sit and mourn.

Watch me weave my deadly web.
Watch me get inside your head.


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