I’m waiting for the moment;
So bright, so I feel like I own it.
I keep waiting for it to hit me,
but this mind can not be split between me.
It’s a life I had to choose,
because I didn’t have a choice.
It’s a reason to push on,
when I didn’t have a voice.
It is the patience and the time,
It is the trust within.
It is the passion that starts,
When you just begin.
It is providing and family,
and everything in your heart.
It’s taking good with the bad,
and laughing at her farts.
I have no answer it seems,
For why I have these dreams,
But I learn nothing more trapped inside my head.
I learn nothing more under the duvet in my single bed.
I have learned so much that I can barely breathe;
But, why stop to think when you can always achieve?


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