Queen’s Speech

It seems the Prime Minister decided to arrange the Queen’s Speech for the re-opening of parliament of the hottest June day since 1976, when everybody else would be sweating as much as she is. No horse and carriage for the Queen today, as she is pulled away from Ascot and celebrations of the beautiful weather for today’s events.

Firstly, let me make a point of ignoring the talk of Brexit from this speech, for a number of reasons. Let’s agree, it was a Brexit heavy speech, being the obvious main focus, since it is the biggest political event of our time. Despite this, there was very little clarity given to the approach that Mrs May would take in negotiating Brexit within the European parliament, alongside many key controversial manifesto points, like the so called ‘dementia tax’ and grammar schools, and so we will move swiftly on (Unlike these hefty negotiations).

There were some other interesting points raised within the speech of course, surrounding topics like Mental Health, being prioritised within the NHS, and more support to be put in place for the survivors and victims of domestic violence and of a slovenly government, cutting costs resulting in disasters like the Grenfell Tower Inferno. This to me, seems somewhat unbelievable. I don’t see how the government can ‘prioritise’ any area within the NHS with the constant cuts being carried out, resulting in people at crisis point being left in the dark for often weeks and months at a time, with waiting lists to see a psychologist or for therapy still growing; seeing waiting times peaking at over 2 years.

Another point raised within the speech was that of new ‘counter terrorism’ measures, including the reform of our nuclear weapons and further defence spending. Though I respect the government for conforming to NATO’s spending guidelines on defence and international development, nuclear weapons are not a deterrent to terrorist organisations like the so-called Islamic State. This is a ragged and savage organisation, and a key threat to the United Kingdom in current times, and one that we cannot simply ‘nuke’ out of existence. Surely it would be more worthwhile in spending a significantly less sum of money in attempting to negotiate a peace deal, while using the other billions of pounds on repairing the deviant damage done, by Dodgy Dave and Mrs May herself, to our public services through cuts carried out throughout the conservative rule over the course of the last decade. I would be much prouder to live a country that championed peace brokering rather than sat of 50 million tonnes of nuclear weaponry that we will never use, and if we do, will only lead to more death, heartache, hatred of the west and leave hundreds of thousands more refugees crossing into Europe and indeed the UK.

A final look at May’s distraction tactics, find me wondering why she has chosen now to promise more development in this countries contribution to the Space industry. With all the issues within the borders of this small, slowly devolving, Island and the points that leave us further divided, alongside an NHS quickly decaying under the iron fist of this countries second witches reign, it would surely be a more worthwhile approach to use said money within the means of our own planet, wouldn’t it? It is an insult to the working class and to those struggling with other financial concerns to throw money seamlessly into a pot to be blasted off the face of the Earth, much like Theresa May’s attempt to buy herself out of the Grenfell Tower disaster, with a slap in the face marked with 5 million English notes.

It seems, as predicted, Theresa May has put forward a cowardly and Brexit focused Queen’s Speech, in order to distract this country from the horrors and austerity her party brings, and the personal failures of Theresa may to bring clarity and safety to the British public. It seems Dennis Skinner was right, and the need for parliament to get their skates on is very much on, as the UK is slowly running out of time to close a deal on Brexit, and to repair the punctures left in our political system, our public services and within the hearts of citizens all over the country; unless of course they mean to speed past them all via HS2.


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