Dear Dad

Dear Dad,

When I hit my head against the door you held me to the ground;
You held me while I screamed and you didn’t make a sound.
Do you remember watching me run up the hall with my trousers falling down?
Or when I set fire to the karaoke machine in our lounge?

How did it ever end up with me sleeping 100 miles away,
In a hospital bed that moulded the words that I’d say.
Like when I told you that I hated you and I’m never coming home.
And the time I threw against the wall, my only working phone.

You’d take me out to smoke and you’d listen to my strife.
Because I now know that you’re with me my whole entire life.
You’re my father, and I love you more than any words can say.
It doesn’t matter what I might have said any yesterday.

You have clothed me and fed me and kept me very warm.
You have watched over my little head through every waking storm.
You have sheltered me from darkness and protected me from light.
You are more than half the reason I continued then to fight.

I don’t know if words can ever tell the limits that I care,
Though when you sit playing bejewelled blitz on the living room chair,
The noises give me headaches, but I’ll still make you tea.
Because without you, there would be no me.

I owe everything to you Dad, And I hope someday I’ll be,
Even half then man that you became when you were 33.
I’m proud of you for what you’ve done for me and my sisters;
Now that you have helped to remove my minds many blisters.

Thank you for the words you said and pain you took away.
I’d be nothing without you Dad; so today is you day.

Always faithfully,
Your Son,


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