Clever Corbyn’s Confident Campaign

Jeremy Corbyn’s labour has brought power, not just fantasy, back to the left, and this has really struck a chord with young people across the country. In the wake of the Queen’s Speech, post Election 2017, Labour is prepared to put forward an alternative to the PM’s pledge and manifesto.

After a strong and stable campaign, Jeremy pulled the polls back over 20 points, while Teresa May lost popularity and hid in the shadows before and after losing her majority within parliament. But why did Jeremy Corbyn have such a successful campaign – after Labour was in such a state that people began to see the election, when it was first called, as the death of the Labour Party? The answer is simple.

The 21st century has made this country, and this planet as a whole, a very different place, yet politics still runs within this country as if we were operating within the 1920’s. Many of us have not yet woken up to the new situation we are in, and many of us, like those within the Tory party, are beginning to fall behind all this new fangled technology. Labour’s success did not entirely pour from the holes that Teresa May and her campaign leaders poked in their own campaign, but rather through new media (of the social variety) and by clever strategic analysis of the electorate, and of those not currently registered.

Corbyn ran a campaign for the 21st century, engaging with the 21st century people of this country and of course, the “Millennial Generation”, previously untouched by any attempt to engage them in British politics. Jeremy had daily Snapchat updates, an app with over 150 million daily users (mostly young people) and ran support for his campaign through Facebook & Twitter, the great social media giants of our time.
He reached out to celebrities and artists that young people looked up to; he went to places that young people were and undecided voters lay, and gave them hope, in place of austerity and fear, something this countries politics has become reliant on of late.

Theresa May however made no attempt to reach out to young people and pledging for their vote. She made no specific attempt at all throughout her campaign to encourage people to register to vote, including in the lead up to the closure date. She expected her vote to increase with very little work, like the polls suggested, and her supporters votes would fall into her lap comfortably. This simply did not happen. People lost faith in May, as did they the Conservative party, as it became too evidently clear that May did not call an election to hear a voice from the people of this country. Rather, she did so in order to gain her mandate; her total control over Brexit, and saw fit an opportunity to bury the opposition.

It goes to show that politics in this country is changing once again. Hope seems to carry in the hearts of the electorate, where once was fear, thanks to clever Corbyn’s confident campaign. I look onto the Queen’s speech, alongside many others, looking also to the next parliament and elections to come, to see how we change further, and how the 21st century and it’s many wonders may help to bring power back to the people.

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