Secondary School

Flip any table, there’s gum beneath.
The Kibby fringes and the crooked teeth.
The hormones raging and the stupid rules.
Every kid here is a massive tool.

Everywhere you look there’s a group of lads.
Some who miss their mum or they hate their dads.
But they beat it down, and let out the anger.
On a little boy named Alexander

The kids they group; start chanting fight.
Then the teachers come and they put it right.
The boys have faces black and blue,
And little Alex is crying too.

Teachers have been known to stir up trouble.
When the kids find out they make it double.
Flip any table or throw a chair,
And you’re on your way up out of there.

The slang and casual use of the word Gay.
Stereotypes from the other day,
They saw late night on their TV;
And now they know until they see.

Remember you pencil, remember the rules,
And you may survive your Secondary School.


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