Theresa May

I promise I will bring you strength.
By putting division in your hearts.
I promise I will keep you safe,
But I will never tell the truth.
I promise to put you in debt for life.
I promise you no safety in your job.
I promise to take food from your children’s mouths.
I promise that I can get you a good deal with Europe.
But I will walk away if I can’t (obviously lol xoxo)
I promise to take more money from our poorest families and those with disabilities.
I promise to give bonuses and tax cuts to my buddies in the banks (No relation my last statement 😉 ).
I promise you that I can lie, to everyone about everything, therefore shading you from the horrors my campaign of hatred and austerity brings with it.
I promise you to keep us strong and stable;
By looking after all your money for you.
Theresa May

*Be sure to vote on the 8th of June everybody! Yes that means you!


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