Strawberry Scone

I worry I won’t make it far enough through the day to see the light of another. 

The wind lifts me and sweeps me away like a balloon let loose from an infants subtle grip. 

Sunrise fades and sunset comes and I remember nothing in between. 

The first time I had a strawberry scone I nearly cried with joy. 

It swept away my worries. 

It released me of my shame. 

I feel nothing. 

No tingle, no joy. 

If we become less than nothing, how far can we fall? 

We pick up all the pieces just to make it to the ball;

We lose ourselves in everything and all the things we love. 

We trip up on our innocence and fly like we are doves. 

My sister told me that she wanted to die just the other week. 

Find me. Find me. Find me. 

Bite the bullet or it will blow out your brains. 

Test me on my scripture then I’ll play your silly games. 


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