When you’re not here

My heart still beats when you’re not here but it doesn’t pump blood around my body.
My lungs don’t work without your air.
My eyes can’t see past the fog if they can’t see you in the foreground.
My brain twitches at the thought of your leaving.
It’s hard.
I love you too much.

My ears hear a light buzz like the whisper of the bees.
The trees release my positivity.
I eat aloud to kill the silence of your absence.
I watch the world without you but everywhere is unfamiliar.
The faces are strangers to me.
I am lost without you.

You complete the circle of my day and night.
You right the wrongs in my mind that take over from time to time.
You keep me warm inside; the hot water bottle sleeping within my intestines.
Your light protects me from the places I can’t see.
I am not scared.
My love is here.

You witness every move I make.
You correct my every mistake.


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