The idle old Ivy (Spoken Word)

Ivy growing idly
between a silver silhouette and grimy old
icy cold pot of sunflower seeds
They never grew
they never knew
the things we’d do
me and you
talking together about
our late coming Hogwarts letter
we are better together
but the mighty old hold that the ivy holds on us
well let’s not even begin to discuss
how slimy the grimy ivy becomes
when we don’t tend to it
and mend through it
sometimes relationships have rough patches
It just takes a few lashes to feel whiplash
and wish last and finally that things were over
but never ending
bending the rules and then amending the disgraced
fender bender you had just pulling out of a parking space
in that car park of Asda
you weren’t looking where you were going like you have to
depending on where it is that you might go
you can climb or run or sprint or jump
until you take off and fly
but that Ivy will grow on you before the day you die
it will make its presence known
whether it is because it wants to make its presence known
or whether it just doesn’t want you to feel alone
it grows strong
tighter around you until you can’t breathe and you can’t sleep
and you can’t dream of a day
to come sooner to release the pain
or release your white trousers of the greased up grass stain
That ivy will be lively
for the rest of your life
and whether you love it or not
it will always be there when you turn out the light



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