The devil in my ear always telling me to wait,
had to stop on the way so he told me he’d be late.
So I waited and took my opportunity,
To clean my mind of total impurity.
I was blinded;
Blinded by the grace of another.
I was blinded like a right hook and there was no taking cover.
I find peace in my pain, as I watch it slip away.
I find truth in the details that surround my everyday.
I go further;
I push and I pray and I fucking fight on,
Because there’s no other way once you’ve turned the light on.
There’s no way I’ll outshine the people from my past,
But I know that any breath I take could always be my last.
I don’t watch my own back because it’s already been stabbed.
I don’t watch face because I don’t have time to relax.
I don’t move slowly; I’m playing catch up every day of the week.
I don’t have time to give into my demons;
I don’t have time to be weak.



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