It seems a child became a boy,
and a boy became a man.
Swapped money for his toys,
So he could find himself a plan

The blossom blooms anew,
On a mid-may-morning.
Schooling gone, bills are due,
and life turns really boring.

The escape is not enough
To escape the winter winds
Mother nature called it’s bluff
and the snow is shed and skinned

A day of wisdom; that day is dead.
A day of arrogance has come.
When all those thoughts run around your head,
You know you’ve truly won.

A man looks to his sister cold;
She looks a pale as ice.
“Youth is gone, so come the old,”
But the winter took its bite.

Spring has sprung, and so shall I,
To watch my weary grave.
My life begun, and so goodbye,
To a wise and patient slave.

God bless spring.
A beautiful thing.






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