Leaves are falling golden brown,

A child is sitting silent still.

Trees are whistling all around,

And wind is rolling down the hill.


The creatures watching not a sound,

The roaring autumn winds are here.

A child is feeling lost and found,

A mother watches close with fear.


A day of wisdom a day of light,

A day that turns through thick and thin.

A morning burns through dark and light,

And watches over with loving grin.


He begs forgiveness she sings a song,

He turns his head in a dreamless shame.

She pulls him close and teaches strong:

“This life is but a wasteful game.”


Forever more and forever like

A journey journeys asking more

The days are turning all alike

As Apollo laughs at the dirty poor


The boy he cries with a tearful cheer

As the mother gives him hope

“Why do you mourn for love and fear?”

“Life’s in a downwards slope.”


The mother laughs at her baby boy

Cynical in his youth

“Don’t cry my boy, I’ll give you love,

For love is the lasting truth.”



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