Shout out to my Ex (I’m fine)

Yesterday we’d have been together for 4 years.

Let me tell you where I’ve been since you fucked my best friend:

I performed in your show.
I got kicked out of college.
I was sectioned.
I cried.
I bled.
I lost my mind.
I lost myself.
I spent 4 months in 4 different psychiatric hospitals.
I turned 18.
I stopped doing cocaine.
I made new friends.
In them I found family.
I nearly died countless times.
I started smoking again.
I stopped drinking.
I started drinking again.
I stopped drinking.
I keep drinking.
I found a new love.
A love that loves me more than you ever did.
I found a love that is all I need.
I found faith.
I found patience.
I found direction.
I got a job.
I found myself.
I finally became happy.
Not better, but better than I was.
I’m getting there.

I hope you have a good life. I’m doing just fine.

Thank you for trying; Fuck you for lying.



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