Tea Time Conversation

How do you ever know if something is a lie?
breathing deeply just to pass the time
to trick the feelings inside into feeling alive
that’s me
standing on the edge of closeness and ambiguity
holding on to good but losing myself in the dark woods
of a deeply complex undiscovered mind
passing the time watching friends feel fine drinking wine
and having a conversation at tea time
Don’t they get it?
that someday they might look back and regret it
realise that what they’re doing
is ultimately just amusing
the fact that one day they will be dead and buried
and their lives will be nothing but a sunken ship
Missed hit, cut of at the hip being carried
off into the night
hoping one day it might get bright
again but it won’t
it can’t ever feel right again because
right is not on the right side of being right on track to be right beside you
That’s just it; your finished
Just forget it.
Just make sure that you don’t waste your time
So you know you won’t regret it



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