Dreaming in Hue

Black as the night are the words that you say
Wishing for kisses that came yesterday
Gold like the money you’re throwing away
Running wild like a stallion dreaming of hay

Green like the flowers I’m smoking each day
Fulfilling my wishes like whispers I pray
Yellow like sunrays not hidden by rain
A picture of family printed on the bay

Purple, Violet, Orange, Blue
The colours I see when I’m thinking of you
Whether open or closed; whether false or true
I cannot stop myself from dreaming in hue

Greyscale fields of amber and gold
Think nothing of me when I’m tarnished and old
Think nothing of happiness left to exist
Think nothing of love as it doesn’t exist

Brown paper packages tied up with string
Filled with forgiveness; opened in spring
The wishes of children; the dreams of their youth
A full disappointment surrounded by truth

All open and honestly, lacking in honesty
I reach for the plug; drain the water in sadness
I reach for the kettle; start making some breakfast tea
Sipping in silence I wallow in madness

The words on the page like glitter, they glisten.
If you give them all time and you try hard to listen
They whisper a message all over the pages
Try so hard to manage but don’t have the wages

A memory blackened as dark as the night
Picture a picture of hallowing light
A harsh simple message, swallowed in blessing
A second hand day full of second guessing

We eat and we sleep like in hibernation
While time keeps on asking for our destination
No reason, no point and no one to trust
An ending left empty, surrounded in lust



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