A Message

He who does not speak is not heard.

Everyone listens and no one is hurt.

Listen real close and if you only hear

Please hear out my messages loud and clear


My message is simple, it’s written out clearly

Ever had a love who did not love you really


I’m setting alight like the flames of the fire


All smoke and no rage, only climbing higher

My people are screaming to hurt and to kill


But nothing can help because nothing is real

Upside down, like the tables are turning

Render them speechless and never stop learning

Never forget those from the past

In everyday life we all finish last

Never forget but always forgive

Give love to your family and remember to live


In all of my honesty I never found

Not one simple soul that has never been drowned

Simplicity singles out those who ask

I’m giving you answers, just give me a chance

Don’t listen, don’t speak, just read out aloud

Every letter is envy, every word never found



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